It has been noticed that despite adding new models like the 812 GTS to its list, most of Ferrari’s offerings have a shorter lifecycle. The Italian manufacturer will keep adding new models more often to entice new clients & retain old ones.

As the industry starts to favor electric vehicles, Ferrari is also catching up with this trend; hybrid production will reach 60% by 2020. It is hoped that this move will help further the supercar manufacturer’s customer base.

Amidst these ventures, Ferrari has announced that they will keep production lesser than demand — it’s simple microeconomics. One of the unique traits of this luxury sports car brand is the exclusivity clients get. In the words of Ferrari’s Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera, “Ferrari will always deliver one car less than the market demand.”

Instead of increasing the number of existing models, the enterprise aims to create a new division and a fresh lineup for said division. For example, they are venturing into the SUV market, with the yet-to-launch Purosangue.

Moreover, to maintain exclusivity & fully satiate clients, Ferrari will take its own sweet time assembling & delivering cars. According to Galliera, the marque makes patrons “wait for… [and] dream about their car”. When people want to purchase a Ferrari, they are put on a waitlist; sometimes with a waiting period of up to three years.

As 812 GTS enters production, it remains to be seen how many will be lucky enough to snag one.